At Home Virtual Scavenger Hunt: Show Your Stuff!


Let's have some fun at home!  Join us for this virtual scavenger hunt.  where everything you need to win is within your home or apartment.  Rolls of toilet paper, potted flowers, photo albums, cleaning products and more are all in play for a hilarious night of fun and conversations!  How it works:

  • Register below and we will send you the unique code to sign in to our Zoom Video feed. You will need a camera.
  • We'll all get acquainted and share niceties before the competition starts.
  • You host will have a list of regular (and some not so regular) items that people may find around their living space.
  • Once we post an item you will have 20 seconds to find it.  Each item found will result in points for prizes!
  • At the end of the home hunt we'll sit back laugh and enjoy a toast together to when we can hang out and do our real scavenger hunts!

Space is limited to 20. If you live with a significant other you will need to play separately please.

Cost:  $10  Your donation will help our business stay afloat during this time.  It is most appreciated.

You will need a computer with microphone and webcam.  No need to download Zoom but it does help.


We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.