The Dave Diaries Live: Funny Stories From 22 Years of NYC Social Event Planning


Take a break from Netflix for a few hours and join NYSN founder Dave Cervini for a casual storytelling night where he will share some of his favorite memories that include funny, shocking, heartwarming and some not so nice things that have happened over the years during this LIVE STREAMED event on Zoom.  After planning social events and gatherings in NYC for over 22 years you can imagine we have some pretty funny stories to tell!  Join NYSN founder Dave Cervini


We will send the link info on Saturday afternoon.

So, think about it, almost 22 years and thousands of events that bring people together who are from all over our city, country and the world, who now live, work or play in NYC!  This makes for some interesting stories!

Add to that all the reasons why people come out (to make friends, network, connect, find true love, hook up, try something new, do something they love or are just bored of what they are doing) and you have an entire book of fun, sad, heartwarming and disgusting stories  that will make you laugh and cry!

Dave has had the honor of touching over a million people in the last 20 years with the activities that he has been involved with.  Most of it has been a great experience. But he never realized that he would also have to become a psychologist as well as an event planner when dealing with all these people!

What to expect:

-When you register we will send you the private link to watch the show that night.

-This is NOT a comedy show but a story telling hour

-The live stream begins at 8pm


-The storytelling will last about 75 minutes where I will share how I got to be here as well as all the amazing things I have experienced over the years of planning these events which have resulted in..

The Good

  • Amazing friendships and connections
  • 90 marriages
  • Awesome adventures throughout NYC and the world.
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars and volunteer time given to charities.
  • Once in a lifetime experiences.
  • Lasting memories!

and The Bad...

  • The Bad events
  • The Socially awkward moments and people
  • Gossiping and fights
  • Hookups and breakups
  • The Dumb things we do when alcohol is involved
  • Lasting memories!
Cost $10:  Please understand that your donation will help keep NYSN up and running so that we will be ready to resume our events when all this is over.

Please note that this evening will contain graphic language and adult topics and situations.  Everything that will be presented actually happened!  I won't embellish on any story to make them more funny as they are already funny and unbelievable enough!


We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.