Forties Only Rotating Pub Grub Casual Rotating Dinner: Dine With Your Peers


Our Age Specific Rotating Decade Dinners are a special series of casual social gatherings and dinners where we ask that participants are respectful of the age guideline that is posted for that particular night.  It is a fun and casual way to meet others in our group who are from your generation.   We  have chosen The Playwright Irish Pub on 35th because they offer a delicious and diverse menu (MENU LINK) as well as a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Here is how it works:

  • Arrive at The Playwright between 7-7:30pm for cocktails and socializing at the bar. A Happy Hour of conversations
  • At 7:30pm the group will be randomly seated at a table (or tables depending on the size of the group) to continue conversations and to order food.
  • It will be about 15-20 minute before all the orders come out so you have a nice chance to chat with those around you.
  • Just before the food comes out you will pull a number out of a hat and everyone will switch seats so that you are surrounded by all new people!
  • At the end of the meal everyone gets separate checks so you pay only for what you ordered.

Can I come alone?  Yes, most f the people will come alone but you are welcome to invite a friend or two.

Dress code: business casual

Age restrictions: This event is for people 40-49 years old.

Can I come for just drinks and not the dinner?  Yes but you'd be missing out on a really fun experience.

Cost:  $10 in advance goes to pay for your hosts dinner for that night.  You will be responsible for whatever you order that night.



We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.