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You probably ride the NYC subways every week but did you know that before the subways we had miles of elevated tracks in the city? Did you know the very first subway was a pneumatic tube that stretched only a few hundred feet and did you know that the original Penn Station was bigger and more beautiful than Grand Central??    Our tours are designed for people who live, work and play in New York.  We give you an opportunity to see the city that surrounds you every day in a totally different light! Join a few dozen fun and friendly people for this journey back in time!The group will meet across from Penn Station then hop on the subway to see some other very cool sights that you probably have walked past a hundred times and never realized.

Some of the things you will see along the way:

-The magnificent original Penn Station and what is left of it.

-Grand Central then and now.

-The ghosts stations at 18th and City Hall (ride through)

-Excavated walls, tile and artwork at 14th street.

-Ride through the original City Hall station (closed since 1940)

You will also see fantastic pictures of the subway from its beginning to the famous graffiti cars of the 80's.

Can I come alone?  Yes 98% of those attending will likely come on their own

How long will it take?  Start to finish about 3 hours.

How much does it cost? $20 ($10for VIP members) for the tour and you will likely have to swipe your metrocard 2-3 times.

What should I wear? Winter casual.

The tour ends at city hall station



Brother Jimmy's BBQ
416 8th ave
Corner of 31st
New York, NY Map and Directions


Date: 02/17/2019

Price: $20.00
VIP Price: $10.00 - Not a V.I.P.? Click here for details.

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